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Post by .:NH:. on Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:43 pm

[b] I'm interested in joining your clan and some basic info about me:
I've been playing Ace Of Spades couple months now.

My skills are rather good, i usually get more kills than deaths.

My idea is to add "quick commands" Like: Follow Me (FM), Spread Out (SO), Take Cover (TC), Fall Back (FB), Destroy Enimy Structure (DES), Hold Your Fire (For sneaking around the enemy) (HYF), Tunnel To The Intel (TTTI), Protect The Intel Carrier (Make teammates go around him, taking all the bullets) (PTIC) and etc. I hope this will be trained to the members so they can do a quickly commands to their mates, giving an advantage over the unorganized enemy. Cool



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